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Ouverture spirituelle • Francisco Javier: La Ruta de Oriente


  • 28 July 2015, 20:30


F. XAVER I. Geburt, Kindheit und Jugend des Franz Xaver
II. Studium an der Universität Paris
III. Reise nach Italien und Gründung des Jesuitenordens
IV. Von Lissabon nach Afrika und Indien
V. Ankunft in Japan
VI. Eine neue Kulturwelt
VII. Vor den geschlossenen Toren Chinas


“The world is a book. Those who never travel never see even one page of it,” Augustine of Hippo once wrote. The Jesuit priest Francis Xavier, or Francisco Javier, was a great apostle, but also a reader of the world. His desire was to attain knowledge, and so he embarked fearlessly upon a journey to the orient, to the East, in 1540 – ex oriente lux: light from the East. His journey first took him from Lisbon to Africa, India and Japan. He was prevented from achieving his goal of observing foreign cultures in China as well while teaching at the same time, since foreigners were strictly prohibited from entering Chinese territory.
Francisco Javier also studied the most important religions of the Orient on his journey east: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism and Nestorianism. Together with Hespèrion XXI, the Capella Reial de Catalunya and guest musicians from India and Japan, Jordi Savall follows the footsteps of this missionary who died in 1552 and who is known in the Catholic tradition as the “Apostle of India”. Thus, he reconstructs not only the patchwork of musical cultures and traditions of the time, but also introduces us to its music, and thereby also to musical cultures that are still alive today.

End of concert approx. 10:50 pm. 

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Jordi Savall, Musical Direction
Sven Dolinski, Speaker
La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Hespèrion XXI

Guest musicians from India and Japan
Yukio Tanaka, Vocals & Biwa
Ichiro Seki, Shakuhachi
Masako Hirao, Bass viol
Hiroyuki Koinuma, Shinobue & Nokan
Prabhu Edouard, Tablas
Daud Khan Sadozai, Sarod
Dimitri Psonis, Rebab & Santur