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Ouverture spirituelle • Hinduism IV: Bharatanatyam


  • 25 July 2015, 20:30



The classical Southern Indian dance style of Bharatanatyam first developed as a temple dance and was revived on the basis of the temple sculptures depicting the various movements or karanas. In the course of this revival, it made the transition from temple to stage. Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Alarmél Valli is noted for her ability to turn a traditional dance grammar into a dynamic, living language - a subtle, deeply internalized, personal dance poetry. In Scent of the Earth, drawing on eclectic sources and covering a gamut of poetic modes - from the solemn beauty of ancient Vedic hymns, to the chiselled metaphors of ancient, pre-Aryan Sangam poetry in Tamil - the dancer invokes the essential inseparability of the sensual and the sacred, the natural and the divine. Through a stylized gesture language, using elements of dance theatre and rhythmic improvisation, she explores the link between word and movement, body and text, stillness and silence, reaffirming the relationship between dance, poetry and song.
At the beginning of the evening, the most important instruments in Southern Indian temples, the nadaswaram (a double-reed oboe with a flaring bell) and thavil (barrel-shaped drum), will be played – no ritual, no procession or festivity would take place without them in Southern India.

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Opening – Nadaswaram Concert – by Injikudi Brothers
Injikudi E. M. SubramanianNadaswaram
Injikudi E. M. MariyappanNadaswaram
Pondicherry P. M. SaravananThavil
Gangaikondacholapuram G. M. SudharsanThavil

Bharatanatyam Solo Dance Performance
Alarmél Valli, Choreography and Dance
Nisha Rajagopalan, Vocals
Jayashree Ramanathan, Nattuvanar / Cymbals
Ramamoorthy Sriganesh, Mridangam (Percussion)
Hemalatha Rangarajan, Violin
Shruti Sagar, Flute
Krishnan Murugan, Lighting