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Ouverture spirituelle • Hinduism III: Khyal


  • 24 July 2015, 22:00



The word Khyal hails from the Arabic and means imagination or fantasy, and Khyal is also part of the Hindustani musical tradition. Compared with the older, traditional Dhrupad, Khyal is the most prevalent Northern Indian vocal style. Based on the raga system, it allows the singer or instrumentalist considerable freedom to improvise. Khyal is accompanied by a double drum (tabla) and a string instrument, for example a sarangi, the most common string instrument in Northern India and Pakistan. The sarangi takes on the role of the second melody instrument, in addition to the voice. Shruti Sadolikar’s vocal style invokes the tradition of the Jaipur-Altrauli Gharana. Apart from Khyal, Sadolikar will also perform Stotras (Sanskrit hymns), Bhajans (religious folk songs) as well as Abhangas (mystical songs) by sacred poets in the Marathi language.

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Shruti Sadolikar, Vocals
Vinod Lele, Tabla
Sangeet Mishra, Sarangi
Shrinidhi Katkar, Percussion