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New releases

More than 90 years ago, during the Festival summer of 1925, a Festival performance – Don Giovanni – was first broadcast by radio. Even if we can hardly imagine the sound quality of this broadcast today, which was transmitted via telephone lines to Vienna, the success must have been so encouraging that the following summer, 1926, three Festival operas were broadcast.

In 1992 the Salzburg Festival began to release outstanding audio recordings from the archives of the ORF (Austrian Radio) on its own label.

The Edition FESTIVAL DOCUMENTS is based on original tapes from the ORF archives which are released by international record companies, following an artistic evaluation and painstaking restoration to improve sound quality. The booklet texts are complemented by original photographs and documentary material from the Salzburg Festival Archives. The authenticity and consistency of the edition are guaranteed by the Salzburg Festival logo and the title of the series, “FESTIVAL DOCUMENTS”.

The unusual success of the Festival Documents is demonstrated by the lively and ever-growing interest of music lovers all over the world, by a large number of international media awards as well as expert reviews which emphasise the unique artistic value and the careful processing of these audio documents, both considered models for the industry.

In 2003 the edition first began featuring video documents as well. Here too, initially the cooperation with ORF was the central focus. In addition, during recent years the Festival has managed to work with leading film and television producers, for example its media partner UNITEL – thereby not only achieving a presence on the world’s major television programmes, but also expanding the range of available DVDs and Blu-rays every year. 

You may find the list of new releases here.

You may find the Catalogue • 25 years of Salzburg Festival Documents here.

All additional Festival Documents currently in print (ca. 440 titles) can be found here on our website.

The Festival Documents can be purchased from specialised retailers internationally and locally from the Festival Shop (Hofstallgasse 1, 5020 Salzburg).