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Domkonzert · Monteverdi Choir · English Baroque Soloists · John Eliot Gardiner


  • 10 June, 20:00




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Massimo Palombella, Conductor
Cappella Musicale Pontificia SISTINA


The Sistine Chapel Choir is one of the world’s oldest, most renowned, and most exclusive musical ensembles. It embodies breathtaking vocal polyphony with a unique sacred aura, performed a cappella in accordance with centuries-old practice – and was associated for a long time with the incomparable sound of castrato voices.

At one time, smuggling the music of Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere out of the Vatican was an offence punishable with excommunication – until the 14-year-old Mozart heard the storied work for double choir and was able to copy it out from memory. Even today, however, only this choir can lay claim to Allegri’s manuscript. Its singers are also masters in the traditional art of improvisation that both brings the music of the Renaissance to life and transports us to the 16th century, with works that were often written expressly for the Sistine Chapel and whose manuscripts are all kept in the collections of the Vatican Apostolic Library.

Palestrina forms the backbone of this remarkable evening, which follows the liturgical year in its programming: a journey that will lead from Advent and Christmas through to Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost, before culminating in the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

Die Seelerche, Farbstich von Johann Michael Seligmann nach Mark Catesby. , © Private Collection/Purix Verlag Volker Christen/Bridgeman Images.