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A tradition of commitment

Roche, a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, has a long tradition of supporting groundbreaking contemporary artistic and cultural projects as an expression of its commitment to innovation. At the Salzburg Festival, Roche sponsors a series of concerts featuring the works of contemporary composers - this year the concert series Time with Ustwolskaja and Time with Furrer. To encourage access and interactions with innovative music, Roche's sponsorship allows for reduced-price tickets for all concert-goers. Additionally, every year during the Festival, Roche brings together a total of 100 students (aged 20-29) studying science, music and arts all over Europe for the Roche Continents: Youth! Arts! Science! program. During the multi-day program, the students engage with leading scientists and artists, are exposed to provocative research, accompany the core of the Festival’s contemporary music series, and explore the parallels between science and art. The program aims to challenge the boundaries of thinking around science, art and innovation.