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Hantang Culture is a Shanghai-based media services company dedicated to the promotion of East-West cultural exchange. The company has been producing A World of Excellence (documentary) and The Ultimate Luxury (news and information) programs since 2004, sending TV crews to international film and music festivals, art fairs, fashion shows, auto and yacht shows, etc. and providing up-to-date coverage for Chinese viewers.
In 2013, Hantang Culture launched the Hantang International Music Festival, promoting classical music and encouraging greater public attendance at live performances. In 2014, the Hantang Music Festival established the Hantang Culture Award and the Hantang Music Festival Artist designation, giving top winners of international music competitions and art festivals the opportunity to tour in China. Through its collaboration with Salzburg Festival’s Young Singers Project from 2016, Hantang provides a platform for emerging artists to grow and works to further engage the Chinese audience in the operatic arts.