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26 July – 30 August

Herbert von Karajan creates his own competition: the Salzburg Easter Festival. This festival, which Karajan founded and served as principal artistic director, took place for the first time in the spring. Its main focus is intended to fall on the operas of Wagner, which have traditionally been neglected at the Summer Festival due to the competition from Bayreuth. Karajan’s “own” orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic, will play from the pit. The Easter Festival is completely independent of the organization and programming of the Summer Festival. Nevertheless, Karajan remained fully committed to the Summer Festival, again conducting performances Carmen and Boris Godunov in 1967. The only new opera productions were Mozart’s early Ascanio in Alba and his “late” masterpiece, Die Zauberflöte. In spoken theatre, the Festival presented Hofmannsthal’s Der Schwierige and the European première of Leo Lehmann’s Ostwind. The estimable Bernhard Paumgartner delivered an opening address on “The Salzburg Mission”.

1967: O. W. Fischer (Hans Karl Bühl) and Peter Weck (Stani) in a scene from Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Der Schwierige.

New production
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Der Schwierige (“The Difficult Man’)
D: Rudolf Steinboeck
Ds: Lois Egg
Cs: Erni Kniepert

First performance in Europe
Leo Lehmann
Der Ostwind ("The Easterly")
D: Kurt Meisel
Ds: Lois Egg
Cs: Elisabeth Urbancic-Waltz

New production
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Die Zauberflöte
C: Wolfgang Sawallisch
D: Oscar Fritz Schuh
Ds/Cs: Teo Otto
Grosses Festspielhaus

New production
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ascanio in Alba
C: Leopold Hager
D: Hellmuth Matiasek
Ds/Cs: Ekkehard Grübler

Revivals: Jedermann, Ein Sommernachtstraum, Carmen, Le nozze di Figaro, Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Boris Godunow

12 orchestral concerts, 8 serenades, 5 matinées, 4 chamber concerts, 5 lieder recitals, 3 solo recitals, 2 concerts of sacred music, 1 church concert, 1 choral concert

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