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29 July – 2 September

It was a year of assassinations. On 17 May a bomb exploded in the Festival Theatre, severely damaging the valuable mosaics by Anton Kolig. Then the Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss was murdered in July; his official funeral caused the opening of the Festival to be postponed to the next day. An architectural improvement, the partial roofing of the Summer Riding School, was carried out in the spring. Despite the raging nationalism threatening to spill over from Germany, Bruno Walter managed to have Mozart’s Don Giovanni performed for the first time in the original Italian, thereby ushering in a new era in opera performance. A Richard Strauss cycle was given in honour of the composer’s 70th birthday, and Arturo Toscanini, the great Italian conductor, finally made his Salzburg debut with three orchestral concerts.

1934: A new Don Giovanni, with Karl Ettl (Masetto), Virgilio Lazzari (Leporello), Ezio Pinza (Giovanni), and Lotte Schöne (Zerlina).

New production
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Don Giovanni
C: Bruno Walter
D: Karl Heinz Martin
Ds: Oskar Strnad
Festival Theatre

Revivals: Jedermann, Faust, Fidelio, Tristan und Isolde, Der Rosenkavalier, Die ägyptische Helena, Elektra, Le nozze di Figaro, Così fan tutte, Oberon

9 orchestral concerts, 2 choral concerts, 1 chamber concert, 1 lied recital, 6 serenades, 6 concerts of sacred music

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