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4–30 August

The death of Hugo von Hofmannsthal on 15 July marked a decisive turning point in the Festival’s early history. The Festival nevertheless managed to take place, albeit with a smaller programme. For the first time the concert series could boast of a world première: Peter Cornelius’s Stabat mater. The Vienna Philharmonic paid obeisance to another of the Festival’s founders with a new Der Rosenkavalier and a special Richard Strauss concert under the baton of Clemens Krauss. Attention was drawn by the debut of Hans Knappertsbusch, who led the Philharmonic in a performance of works by Mozart, de Falla, Franckenstein and Beethoven.

1929: Richard Mayr singing Baron Ochs in Der Rosenkavalier.

New production
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Don Giovanni
C: Franz Schalk
D: Lothar Wallerstein
Ds: Oskar Strnad

New production
Richard Strauss
Der Rosenkavalier
C: Clemens Krauss
D: Lothar Wallerstein
Ds/Cs: Alfred Roller

Revivals: Jedermann, Fidelio

9 orchestral concerts, 1 chamber concert, 2 lied recitals, 5 serenades, 4 concerts of sacred music, 2 church concerts, 1 concert academy

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