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Salzburg Festival Society  

Founded in 2005, the Salzburg Festival Society’s* mission is to serve as the liaison between the Salzburg Festival and its American friends and patrons. The Society has a dedicated national membership base and chapters in major cities. It provides its members with exclusive access to all events and services related to the Festival. The broader mission of the Society is to advance the general public’s understanding and appreciation of classical music and opera. Although primarily dedicated to supporting the artists and productions of the Festival and to underwriting the participation of major American artists, the Society also aims to offer educational opportunities to young artists. The Society’s board of directors is composed of a distinguished group of American and international business leaders, philanthropists and artists.


Salzburg Festival Society
Joseph Bartning
Executive Director
509 Madison Avenue, Suite 802
New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 355.5675
Fax: (212) 355.5677
E-mail: office@sfsociety.org