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The Organisation

The body legally responsible for the Salzburg Festival is the Salzburger Festspielfonds (Salzburg Festival Foundation) established by Austrian federal law passed on July 12, 1950. The organs of the Festspielfonds are the Assembly of Delegates, the Supervisory Board (Kuratorium) and the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors is responsible for organising and running the Festival and for proposing the budget. The Supervisory Board appoints the members of the Board of Directors and oversees and approves the programme, budget and accounts for the Festival. The Assembly of Delegates receives the annual and financial report, the budget proposed by the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, and the Festival programme.


Supervisory Board

Department Head Mag. Jürgen Meindl (Republic of Austria)
Mag. Dr. Maria Fekter (Republic of Austria)
Provincial Governor Dr. Wilfried Haslauer (Province of Salzburg)
Mayor DI Harald Preuner (City of Salzburg)
Mag. Hans Scharfetter (Tourism Promotion Fund of Salzburg)
Dr. Johannes Honsig-Erlenburg (Tourism Promotion Fund of Salzburg in conjunction with the Mozarteum Foundation)
Mag. Christian Kircher (Bundestheater-Holding GmbH)


Board of Directors


Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler

Artistic Director

Markus Hinterhäuser

Executive Director

Lukas Crepaz


“Everyman awaits a feast,”

as Goethe wrote. A feast in this city of which the great Austrian poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal said, “Salzburg is the heart of the heart of Europe. It lies halfway between South and North, between Switzerland and the Slavic countries.”

The Salzburg Festival was founded more than 90 years ago by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Max Reinhardt and Richard Strauss, and is a magnet today more than ever. We are often asked what the secret of this Festival is and what makes it so special and magical. There are three main factors that make the Festival such a success:
First of all, the Salzburg Festival offers a broader artistic program than any other festival: Salzburg features opera, drama and concerts. And in the selection of works and interpretations, it also offers the broadest spectrum from Mozart, the genius loci, to modern works, from classical interpretations to avant-garde experimentation, from Hofmannsthal’s Jedermann to Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin. And only the best and most famous artists from all over the world are invited to Salzburg.
Furthermore, visitors to the Salzburg Festival can combine the enjoyment of art with vacationing. During the daytime, the unique surroundings and the lakes of the Salzkammergut make for wonderful excursions and golfing – in the evening, the Festival beckons with incomparable performances.
And finally, the Salzburg Festival has a very special flair. Salzburg’s Hofstallgasse and the entire Baroque old city center form the Festival’s backdrop.

We look forward to seeing you in Salzburg in the summer!