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Siemens and the Salzburg Festival unite a long tradition: Since 1996, Siemens has been supporting the Salzburg Festival as a Project Sponsor, and since 1998 as a Main Sponsor. Starting in 2002 the “Siemens Festival>Nights” take place every year at the same time as the festival. Every year, the free open-air events attract up to 70,000 visitors to Salzburg’s historic city centre.

The Salzburg Festival, with its outstanding reputation as the largest and most important festival in the world, and Siemens, the internationally leading high-tech company, have much in common. Both place particular emphasis on the combination of tradition and innovation, continuity and creativity.

With this sponsoring engagement, Siemens consciously takes on cultural and social responsibility without ever interfering with artistic decisions. “As part of our sponsoring activities, we try to develop our own cultural initiatives, thus aiming for real support for the arts, not just ‘giving away money.’ We wish to develop our own cultural projects, with a focus on technology as a transfer medium, and on supporting art that is to be made accessible to a broad public, especially to young people.”

This has motivated Siemens to present the “Siemens Festival>Nights” in Salzburg’s historic town since 2002 and the “Siemens Children’s>Festival” since 2008. Every summer, Festival productions are shown free of charge as open-air broadcasts on a large-scale LED wall. Diverse culinary offerings as well as the incomparable ambiance of the Kapitelplatz, with its view of the castle Hohensalzburg, make the Siemens Festival>Nights a wonderful overall experience – record attendance numbers of 70,000 visitors per year underline the quality of the events and make them a fixed part of the Salzburg Festival summer. 


“Aren’t you afraid that the sponsors will try to influence your program?” is a common question in the arts sections of various newspapers, especially since we have been so successful in acquiring sponsors. And I can always answer both spontaneously and honestly: No, I am not afraid of that. Our sponsors are far too intelligent not to know that trying to influence the content of our program would have a boomerang effect. On the contrary, I hope our sponsors continue to influence us, in the sense that they make it possible to implement projects that we could not realize otherwise for lack of money. Therefore, on behalf of the Festival, I would very much like to thank our sponsors, donors, supporters and friends as well as the public authorities subsidizing the Festival for their generous support.

Helga Rabl-Stadler
President of the Salzburg Festival