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Public Master Class · Christa Ludwig


  • 21 July, 15:00



Distribution of free tickets starting on 07 July at the SHOP KARTEN / TICKETS of the Salzburg Festival at Hofstallgasse 1
(no reservation possible)

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  • 21 July, 15:00


With the Young Singers Project the Salzburg Festival has created a high-powered platform for the promotion of young singers, which this year can look back on ten successful years. 

Young singers are selected through international auditions, and participants of the scholarship receive the opportunity to work with Festival artists. The curriculum does not only include musical education and repertoire expansion, but also staged rehearsals, language coaching and Lied interpretation. The master classes led by renowned Festival artists and the clear practical connection with the Festival make the YSP an educational programme that has become an international benchmark and model. 

The participants of the Young Singers Project perform in the new production of the opera Die Zauberflöte for children and also appear in further Festival productions during the 2018 season. In a final concert, the participants of the YSP present themselves to the public.

Participants of the Young Singers Project 2018:

Katie Coventry
Neven Crnić
Freddie De Tommaso
Gürkan Gider
Liviu Holender
Hyunjai Lee
Marie Perbost
Emma Posman
Alyona Rostovskaya
Olga Rudyk
Carina Schmieger
Ion Stancu
Paweł Trojak