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Carrie Willis

Carrie Willis trained at the Royal Ballet School and Laine Theatre Arts.
Her credits include Mack and Mabel and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on tour in the UK, McQueen and You Won’t Succeed on Broadway If You Don’t Have Any Jews in the West End, the international tour of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, Tiller Girl in John Bishop’s Christmas Show 2013 and 2014 on BBC1, Beauty and the Beast at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading, Some Like It Hotter in Zurich, One Man’s Dream at Tokyo Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty at the Middleton Arena and projects with the Body of People (BOP) Dance Company led by Dollie Henry and Paul Jenkins.

Current as of May 2016

Carrie  Willis, © ohne Angabe / no details available

Carrie Willis, © ohne Angabe / no details available


Carrie Willis