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Dichter zu Gast
Dichter zu Gast: Early Music 

Autorenlesung mit Musik
Reading with music
In co-operation with Salzburg Seminar and Agentur Graf & Graf, Berlin
In German and English

Early Music tells the story of Rodney, a musician and musicologist whose unremitting search for the original sound of "early music" on his clavichord reflects his inability to find a pathway to happiness in his life.

With Jeffrey Eugenides, Peter Simonischek, Wolfgang Brunner (clavichord) and music by J. S. Bach, C. Ph. E. Bach, J. G. Müthel und J. P. Sweelinck 


  • 07 August 2007, 20:00

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Jeffrey Eugenides, Peter Simonischek, Wolfgang Brunner, Performers