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Stuttgart Ballet • Romeo and Juliet


  • 15 May 2016, 20:00


JOHN CRANKO Romeo und Julia

Ballet by John Cranko after William Shakespeare
Choreography and direction: John Cranko
Music: Sergey Prokofiev (1891–1953)
Sets and costumes: Jürgen Rose


End of performance approx 23:00.

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John Cranko, Choreography and direction
Jürgen Rose, Sets and costumes
James Tuggle, Conductor
Soloists and ensemble of the Stuttgart Ballet
Rolando D'Alesio, Count Capulet
Melinda Witham, Countess Capulet
Alicia Amatriain, Juliet
Roman Novitzky, Tybalt
Constantine Allen, Count Paris
Sonia Santiago, Julia's Fostress
Matteo Crockard-Villa, Count Montague
Julia Bergua Orero, Countess Montague
Friedemann Vogel, Romeo
Daniel Camargo, Mercutio
David Moore, Benvolio
Louis Stiens, Duke of Verona
Louis Stiens, Father Lorenzo
Rocio Aleman, Rosalinde
Angelina Zuccarini, Gipsy girl
Elena Bushuyeva, Gypsy girl
Magdalena Dziegielewska, Gypsy girl
Alexander Mc Gowan, Carnival dance
Katarzyna Kozielska, Carnival dance
Paula Rezende, Carnival dance
Özkan Ayik, Carnival dance
Roger Cabrera Cuadrado, Carnival dance
Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg


John Cranko’s production of Romeo and Juliet is considered one of the definitive versions being performed in the world today. Based on Shakespeare’s world famous tale of two lovers in Renaissance Italy who find themselves caught between their feuding families, Cranko’s vividly etched characters and breathtaking choreography bring this tragedy to splendid life. The ballet, set to Serge Prokofiev’s lush score, contains dramatic roles for the young Juliet and her impetuous lover Romeo, for Romeo’s hot-headed friend Mercutio and for Juliet’s bullying relative Tybalt. An abundance of soloist roles further enrich the plot and provide the entire company with ample opportunity to display their acting and dancing abilities. Jürgen Rose’s magnificent sets and costumes enhance the action of the ballet while never obscuring the choreography.
Cranko created Romeo and Juliet in 1962 for the Stuttgart Ballet. For the last 50 years, the company has danced this ballet all over the world.  In addition, Cranko’s production has entered the repertory of over 10 companies worldwide, including the National Ballet of Canada, the Australian Ballet, the Finnish National Ballet and the Ballet of the La Scala Opera House in Milan.