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Gala Dinner

Dining with Romeo and Juliet

The Italian menu will be created by Stefano Baiocco, the award-winning celebrity chef at Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano on Lake Garda.

Dining with Romeo and Juliet


  • 14 May 2016, 21:00


With a voluptuous dinner, we shall return to the 16th century, when audiences not only devoured William Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies with enthusiasm, but also indulged heartily in epicurean pleasures. For in the words of Menenius in Coriolanus: “… The veins unfill’d, our blood is cold, and then we pout upon the morning. (…) But when we have stuff’d these pipes and these conveyances of our blood with wine and feeding, we have suppler souls than in our priest-like fasts.”
Table music from the same period will add to the convivial atmosphere, for to quote Shakespeare once more: “Unquiet meals make ill digestions” – that, at least, is the Abbess’s opinion in The Comedy of Errors.

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