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West Side Story

Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins


Entire original production directed and choreographed by JEROME ROBBINS

Originally produced on Broadway by Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince by agreement with Roger L. Stevens

Performance rights are transferred by agreement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD., London on behalf of Music Theater International, New York
Performance rights for Austria: JOSEF WEINBERGER WIEN GESMBH


  • 13 May 2016, 20:00


  • 15 May 2016, 15:00

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Gustavo DudamelConductor
Philip Wm. McKinley, Director
Liam SteelChoreography
George TsypinSets
Ann Hould-WardCostumes
Patrick WoodroffeLighting
Gerd Drücker, Sound Design
Matt Flint, Associate Choreographer
Alois GlaßnerChorus Master

Cecilia BartoliMaria present
Norman ReinhardtTony
Michelle VeintimillaMaria past
Karen OlivoAnita
George AkramBernardo
Dan BurtonRiff

The Jets:
Jon-Scott Clark, Action
Michael Carolan, A-Rab
Josh Tye, Baby John
Sean Lopeman, Snowboy
Alastair Postlethwaite, Big Deal
Linus Henriksson, Diesel
Callum Aylott, Gee-Tar
Aston Newman Hannington, Mouthpiece
Austin Fagan, Tiger

Their Girls:
Kirstie Skivington, Anybodys
Carrie Willis, Graziella
Jacquie Biggs, Velma
Lizzi Franklin, Minnie
Michelle Antrobus, Clarice
Nell Martin, Pauline
Hannah McDonagh, Debbie
Sorina Kiefer, Maxine
Anna Friederike Wolf, Donna
Meri Ahmaniemi, Tammy

The Sharks:
Liam Marcellino, Chino
Nathan Graham, Pepe
Matt Jones, Indio
Lorenzo Soragni, Luis
Gregor Krammer, Anxious
Zak Nemorin, Nibbles
Fletcher Dobinson, Juano
Marcell Prét, Toro
José Antonio Domínguez, Moose

Their Girls:
Amanda Digón MataRosalia
Mariana SouzaConsuelo
Carly Mercedes DyerFrancisca
Angela Marie HurstTeresita
Lara de ToscanoEstella
Anna Bárbara BonattoMargarita
Noluyanda MqulwanaWanda
Marika GangemiCarmen
Giulia FabrisLucy

The Adults:
Cheyne DavidsonDoc
Dave MoskinSchrank
Daniel RakaszKrupke
Marco DottGladhand

Salzburger Bachchor
Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela


“Jerry R. [Jerome Robbins] called today with a noble idea: a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, set in slums at the coincidence of Easter-Passover celebrations. Feelings running high between Jews and Catholics. Former: Capulets, latter: Montagues. … But it’s all much less important than the bigger idea of making a musical that tells a tragic story in musical comedy terms, using only musical comedy techniques, never falling into the ‘operatic’ trap.”
However, after an initial phase of intense work, the euphoria of this first entry on West Side Story in Leonard Bernstein’s logbook, dated 6 January 1949, was followed by doubts as to the viability of the idea. Six years were to pass before the composer took up the project again: “We’re fired again by the Romeo notion … and have come up with what I think is going to be it: two teenage gangs as the warring factions, one of them newly-arrived Puerto Ricans, the others self-styled ‘Americans.’”
Now joined by Stephen Sondheim, the team of writers met regularly as of October 1955, and the work was completed two years later. Starting on Broadway, the piece took the world by storm with songs like “Tonight,” “One hand, One heart” and “Maria”. The story of Maria and Tony, who pay for their love with their lives due to their membership of two rival youth gangs, remains tragically controversial to this day.