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Robert Lepage Geometry of miracles

A Theatre performance about the life of the american architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his time 

In English
New production - First performance in Austria
Coproduction with Ex Machina, Quebec and others


  • 20 August 1998, 19:30


  • 21 August 1998, 19:30
  • 22 August 1998, 19:30
  • 23 August 1998, 19:30
  • 25 August 1998, 19:30
  • 28 August 1998, 19:30
  • 29 August 1998, 15:00

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Robert Lepage, Stage director
Carl Fillion, Stage sets
Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt, Costumes
Eric Fauque, Lighting design
Jacques Collin, Carl Fillion, Projections
Rebecca Connally, Dramaturgy


Tea Alagic, The young Olgivanna Lloyd Wright
Daniel Bélanger, Meyerhold
Daniel Bélanger, Kevin McCoy, Painter
Daniel Bélanger, Denis Gaudreault, Kevin McCoy, Apprentices
Jean-Francois Blanchard, Vlademar Hinzenberg
Jean-Francois Blanchard, Jacques L´Allier
Marie Brassard, Olgivanna Lloyd Wright
Marie Brassard, Georgette
Denis Gaudreault, French guide
Anthony Howell, William Wesley Peters
Kevin McCoy, Trotzki
Kevin McCoy, Marge
Thaddeus Phillips, Herbert F. Johnson
Thaddeus Phillips, Customs officer
Thaddeus Phillips, Josef Stalin
Rodrigue Proteau, Beelzebub
Rodrigue Proteau, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff
Rodrigue Proteau, Lenin
Catherine Tardif, Svetlana Hinzenberg