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Mozart Matinee 6 • Michael Gielen


  • 25 August 2012, 11:00


WOLFGANG A. MOZART Symphony in E flat major, K. 543

WOLFGANG A. MOZART Concerto for Horn and Orchestra in D, K. 412

GEORG FRIEDRICH HAAS ... e finisci già?
Work commissioned by the Salzburg Festival
World premiere

WOLFGANG A. MOZART Symphony in G minor, K. 550


End approx. 12.55

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Michael Gielen, Conductor
Titus Engel, Conductor (Commissioned work by Haas)
Zoltán Mácsai, Horn
Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg


The year of 1842 saw the unveiling of the Mozart Monument, the foundation of the reverence for the resident genius of Salzburg, and from that time onward, the idea of holding regular Mozart Music Festivals in Salzburg became a recurring theme. In 1877, the International Mozart Foundation hosted such a Music Festival for the first time. Thus, the eight festivals of the Mozarteum Foundation which were held between 1877 and 1910 may be considered the precursors of today’s Salzburg Festival. Naturally, Mozart’s œuvre has always loomed large in the programme of the Salzburg Festival.
The Mozarteum Foundation has been cooperating closely with the Salzburg Festival since 1921 – and the Main Auditorium of the Mozarteum has been one of the most important concert venues of the Festival since its very beginning. The Mozart Matinees, which take place on the Festival weekends, have become legendary. The fact that their programmes feature not only well-known works by Mozart, but also unknown gems of the Mozart repertoire, is due to the tireless activism of Bernhard Paumgartner: he founded the series of Mozart Matinees in 1949, and many forgotten treasures have been rediscovered as part of it. “Fulfilling the task of Salzburg, little-known works by Mozart, and subsequently possibly also by Joseph Haydn, shall be performed in two morning concerts. First-rate soloists, who have occupied only a modest place in the concert programme of the Festival so far, shall be featured prominently in these matinees,” Paumgartner ordained at the time. Fundamentally, this formula has been followed to this day.
Under the new Artistic Direction, Mozart’s œuvre will remain the central focus of the Matinees, and extraordinary soloists will interpret parts of Mozart’s catalogue of works, some of them rarely performed. The series will actually be expanded: during the 2012 Festival season, audiences may choose from no less than seven Matinee programmes. At the same time, the Mozart Matinees will reflect the programmatic guidelines of the general concert programme. The first two Matinee weekends form part of the
Ouverture spirituelle and present sacred works by Mozart. And in two further programmes, contemporary works – commissioned from Heinz Holliger and Georg Friedrich Haas – will enter into a dialogue with Mozart’s music under the motto Salzburg contemporary.