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Hugo von Hofmannsthal Jedermann

The Play about the Death of the Rich Man



  • 21 July 2012, 20:30


  • 20 July 2012, 17:00
  • 22 July 2012, 20:30
  • 29 July 2012, 21:00
  • 31 July 2012, 17:00
  • 05 August 2012, 21:00
  • 08 August 2012, 20:30
  • 11 August 2012, 21:00
  • 16 August 2012, 17:00
  • 20 August 2012, 17:00
  • 24 August 2012, 17:00
  • 26 August 2012, 17:00
  • 28 August 2012, 17:00
  • 30 August 2012, 17:00

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Christian Stückl, Stage Director
Marlene Poley, Sets and Costumes
Markus Zwink, Music


Martin Reinke, The Lord God / A Poor Neighbour
Ben Becker, Death
Nicholas Ofczarek, Everyman
Elisabeth Rath, Everyman’s Mother
Peter Jordan, Everyman's Good Companion / Devil
Birgit Minichmayr, Paramour
Robin Sondermann, A Debtor
Britta Bayer, The Debtor’s Wife
Felix Vörtler, Fat Cousin
Thomas Limpinsel, Thin Cousin
Sascha Oskar Weis, Mammon
Lina Beckmann, Good Deeds
Robert Reinagl, The Cook
David Supper, Servant
Riederinger Kinder, The Narrators
Monica Argentino, Bina Blumencron, Margarita Castaneda, Roland Faust, Christian Geroldinger, Christian Giglmayr, Matthias Haid, Alexander Hüttner, Thomas Kahry, Martina Kunast, Dorottya Láng, Johannes Langwieder, Neli Mavroeidi, Manuel Millonigg, Marta Janina Nowicka, Marcia Sacha, Philipp Schausberger, Martin Summer, Clara Tinsobin, Christine Walther, Table Companions

Ars Antiqua Austria
Gunar Letzbor, Musical Direction


Basic idea: Everyman was trying to find infinity in the finite by hoarding the finite. It seems to him that he has not yet enjoyed anything, has spent too few cheerful hours in company, too few blissful nights in sensuous desire, and he has only just begun to submit to Mammon. Now, with great regret, he sees that the infinite can be realised here: in boundless longing and tearing himself apart. Wisdom appears and protects him from himself, saying, for the human being the infinite can only be grasped in the divine mystery, in the symbol.

Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Aus den ersten Notizen, 1904