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Theatre-Rites Mojo

Without words

For all curious people aged 5+

Coproduction with Theatre-Rites and
the Barbican London

Duration approx. 1 hours and 20 minutes.


  • 09 August 2012, 18:00


  • 11 August 2012, 14:00
  • 11 August 2012, 18:00
  • 12 August 2012, 11:00
  • 12 August 2012, 15:00

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Sue Buckmaster, Stage Director
Arthur Pita, Choreography
Claire Cunningham, Choreographer for revival
Peter Mumford, Stage and Light Design
Adriano Adewale, Leo Altarelli, Composition
Philippe Cherbonnier, Dramaturgy
Keith Clouston, Music Director
Suzy Peters, Costume Design
John van der Put, Consultant for Wizardry
Michael Fowkes, Puppet Design
Yvonne Stone, Lead Puppet Maker
Scott Brooker, Helly McGrother, Jonathan Saville, Puppet Designer


Imagine you have never been to the theatre before. Mojo is the perfect performance to start your theatre-going career. If you’ve already started, don’t worry, you can come too. Under its inspirational artistic director Sue Buckmaster, the London-based company Theatre-Rites has transformed theatre for children and families.

Many of the performances they make are for audiences with little theatrical experience. Their response has been to create a strongly sensual form of theatre, a theatre of few words but which uses music, light and movement to create dynamic formative encounters with this remarkable medium. Their theatre is celebratory and revelatory, where objects transform as if by magic and take on human characteristics and everyday locations transform into the sites for remarkable adventures.
Theatre-Rites offers children forms of theatre which are more often aimed at adults, and offers adults remarkable theatre experiences which are also suitable for younger audiences. In previous collaborations with other festivals such as the London International Festival of Theatre, Wiener Festwochen, Theater der Welt and the Ruhrtriennale, Theatre-Rites has taken audiences on physical journeys through imaginary worlds.
Mojo is a different kind of journey. It’s about growing up, about “finding your mojo”, finding out new things about yourself and working out who you are. This can be an anxious but also an extremely joyful and liberating process. Mojo features pulsating live music from Adriano Adewale and Leo Altarelli and the remarkable movement skills of Arthur Pita, whose choreography is noted for both its humour and its sense of character. Come along and find your mojo too!

David Tushingham