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William Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra

Tragedy by William Shakespeare (1564–1616)
Translated in German by Frank-Patrick Steckel
Arranged for four speakers by Wolfgang Wiens

Kasper Wiens - Musik

© Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main, 2007

In German
End approx. 12:45.


  • 26 May 2012, 11:00

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Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Antony
Sunnyi Melles, Cleopatra
Brigitte Hobmeier
Jens Harzer, in further roles


Cleopatra amorosa

Antony and Cleopatra is set some time after the events depicted in Giulio Cesare and describes the second great relationship between the love-struck Cleopatra and the powerful Roman general Mark Antony. Based on the historic report by Plutarch, William Shakespeare sensitively describes the ups and downs of this relationship, which begins as a political one and quickly morphs into unconditional love which overcomes all obstacles. When her lover dies in her arms, Cleopatra decides to commit suicide through the legendary snake-bite – thus choosing one of the most famous deaths for love. Shakespeare’s moving account was mainly responsible for innumerable retellings and further treatments in art, theater, music and films, well into our own times. The music of this matinee performance, for once, is the beauty of spoken language, for this version, arranged especially by Wolfgang Wiens, combines the German translation with the central scenes of the English original of Shakespeare’s tragedy.