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Young Directors Project
The TEAM Mission Drift

New York, USA

In English with German surtitles

Supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Panta Rhea Foundation, the JMJ Family Fund, Culturgest, the Almeida Theatre and Performance Space 122

Mission Drift was developed at the following institutions and presented in workshops: at the Almeida Theatre, the BRIC Studios, the Orchard Project, the University of Nevada Las Vegas and at the Ice Factory of the Soho Think Tank at the Ohio Theatre.


  • 20 August 2011, 20:00


  • 21 August 2011, 20:00
  • 22 August 2011, 20:00
  • 23 August 2011, 20:00



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Rachel Chavkin, Stage Director
Heather Christian, Music
Nick Vaughan, Stage design
Brenda Abbandandolo, Costume design
Jake Heinrichs, Lighting
Matt Hubbs, Sounddesign


With Libby King, Brian Hastert, Amber Gray, Mikaal Sulaiman, Heather Christian, Matt Bogdanow, Gabe Gordon


Mission Drift is a pioneering journey west and east across the USA in search of an unbiased portrait of American Capitalism, told through atomic blasts, lizard ballet, original song, and people with bank accounts. As we follow a young Dutch immigrant couple on their way west, Mission Drift uses the lens of the western frontier – from pre-Revolution New Amsterdam to modern day Las Vegas – to examine what lies at the core of capitalism in America.
Featuring music by downtown New York favorite Heather Christian, Mission Drift is the newest work from this award winning ensemble. The TEAM (Theatre of the Emerging American Moment) is a New York City-based collaborative ensemble whose mission is to create new work that dissects and celebrates the experience of living in America today. Mission Drift was created through a one-month residency in Las Vegas in June, 2010. At times a rock concert, at times a sporting event, the TEAM has been described as avant-garde meets MTV. The work crashes American history and mythology into modern stories, combining aggressive athleticism with delicate examinations of the social and political factors shaping our world today, and keeping the brain, eyes, and heart of the audience constantly stimulated.