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William Shakespeare Maß für Maß

New production

Coproduction with the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz


  • 17 August 2011, 19:30


  • 19 August 2011, 19:30
  • 21 August 2011, 19:30
  • 22 August 2011, 19:30
  • 25 August 2011, 19:30
  • 27 August 2011, 19:30
  • 28 August 2011, 15:00

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Thomas Ostermeier, Stage Director
Jan Pappelbaum, Set Design
Ulrike Gutbrod, Costume design
Nils Ostendorf, Music
Urs Schönebaum, Lighting
Peter Kleinert, Dramaturgy
Timo Kreuser, Music Production


Gert Voss, Vincentio, der Herzog
Lars Eidinger, Angelo, der Stellvertreter
Jenny König, Isabella, Claudios Schwester
Erhard Marggraf, Escalus/Frau Overdone
Stefan Stern, Lucio
Franz Hartwig, Ein Aufseher/Bruder Thomas
Bernardo Arias Porras, Claudio/Mariana
Carolina Riaño Gómez, Voice
Nils Ostendorf, Trumpet
Kim Efert, Guitar


In Vienna, all hell is loose. Under Duke Vincentio’s government, criminality and prostitution have risen so drastically that the moral decline of the population seems stoppable only by radical counter-measures. Vincentio does not feel like ruining his reputation of being the people’s man, so he lets his vice-regent Angelo enforce rigid moral policies. Angelo’s first act in office is to sentence Claudio to death, who has slept with his fiancée before their marriage. But when Claudio’s sister Isabella, a pious novice, pleads on her brother’s behalf, Angelo’s principles start to crumble. He makes her an immoral offer: the death sentence will be lifted if she agrees to have sex with him. For the deeply religious Isabella, this is a tragic dilemma: should she prostitute herself to save her brother? Measure for Measure, one of Shakespeare’s “problem plays” defying categorization, explores the grey area between moral consequence and inhuman cruelty. The play offers a radical analysis of the interpersonal dynamics of dealing with power, and at the same time, it is a sparkling comedy about the difficulty of doing the right thing.