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Young Directors Project
d’ores et déjà Notre terreur

Paris, France

In French with German surtitles


  • 04 August 2010, 20:00


  • 05 August 2010, 20:00
  • 06 August 2010, 20:00
  • 07 August 2010, 20:00



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Sylvain Creuzevault, Stage Director
Julia Kravtsova, Set Design
Pauline Kieffer, Costume Design
Joseph Lapostolle, Loïc Nébréda, Marionettes and Make-up
Vyara Stefanova, Lighting
Cédric Lemaignen, Stage Manager


Samuel Achache, Benoit Carré, Antoine Cegarra, Eric Charon, Pierre Devérines, Vladislav Galard, Lionel Gonzalez, Arthur Igual, Léo-Antonin Lutinier


The ideal of equality is the common link between the revolutionary government of France in 1793/94 and the great revolutions of the 20th century. How can theater look the horrors of revolution in the eye?
In order to pose this question, we had to follow the river to its source. We had to study the life of a man during the time around 1793/94, at the moment when freedom turned into tyranny. This man was not to be a born leader; we were looking for a man without a special sense of drama, a person with faults and thus rather the opposite of a hero – a man, in other words, whose democratic ideal could not accommodate any limitation by reality. After all, we were looking for a possibility to confront a spirit and a body that would enable us to visualize conflict. Robespierre is our man.
Sylvain Creuzevault

The theater company d’ores et déjà (French for “now already”) was founded in 2002. Notre terreur, a collective work based on various literary and historic sources, describes the history of the French Revolution and the death of Robespierre. It opens the view for the adventure of a revolt which reveals the limits and dangers of democracy even as it is born.

A production of d’ores et déjà, La Colline – théâtre national, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers – Centre dramatique national des Pays de la Loire, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, and Culturgest – Lisbon