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Stefan Zweig Widerstand der Wirklichkeit

Reading with Klaus Maria Brandauer

In German


  • 29 July 2010, 19:30

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Klaus Maria Brandauer


After nine years, Ludwig returns to his lover, from whom World War I had parted him. In another part of the world, he has become successful in the meantime and started a family. A future together seems impossible, but the past will not release them – and against all better wisdom, they board the train together. Once again, it is the “prophesying voice of remembrance” which Stefan Zweig uses here. During his lifetime, the novella was never published in its entirety, and only recently enjoyed a sensational success when it was published on its own in France and England. The original title, under which this book now caused an international stir as Journey into the Past, was struck by Stefan Zweig from the manuscript and replaced with The Resistance of Reality – a title that points to the obstacles this journey is faced with.