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Dichter zu Gast – Daniel Kehlmann
Daniel Kehlmann Ruhm. Ein Roman in neun Geschichten

Reading with Daniel Kehlmann


  • 27 July 2009, 19:30

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Daniel Kehlmann,


A man buys a mobile phone and receives calls meant for another person. After initial doubts, he begins to play with this other identity. An actor stops receiving calls from one day to the next, as if somebody had taken over his entire life. A writer takes two trips with a woman whose greatest nightmare is appearing in one of his stories. A confused internet blogger, on the other hand, has no greater wish than to be a figure in a novel. A mystery writer goes missing on an adventurous trip in Central Asia. An old lady nearing death quarrels with the writer who has invented her, and a manager of a mobile phone company loses his mind due to his double life, torn between two women. Nine episodes which gradually make up a novel-like whole, a clever playing upon reality and fiction: a cabinet of mirrors. Daniel Kehlmann’s new book about fame and disappearance, truth and illusion.

Daniel Kehlmann was born in Munich in 1975, the son of theater director Michael Kehlmann and actress Dagmar Mettler. In 1981, the family moved to Vienna, where he attended the Kollegium Kalksburg, a Jesuit school, and subsequently studied philosophy and German literature at the University of Vienna. In 1997, his first novel, Beerholms Vorstellung, was published. He has held literary teaching positions in Mainz,Wiesbaden and Göttingen and has won numerous awards, including the Candide Prize, the Prize of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Doderer Prize, Kleist Prize, WELT Prize for Literature, the Per Olov Enquist Prize, and the Thomas Mann Prize. Kehlmann’s reviews and essays have been published by numerous magazines and newspapers. His novel Ich und Kaminiski was an international success, the novel Die Vermessung der Welt, translated into forty languages so far, became one of the most successful novels in post-war Germany. Daniel Kehlmann lives in Vienna and Berlin. As “Poet in Residence”, he is the curator of this year's literature program at the Salzburg Festival and has invited different artists to present their work, their view of the world, our times and also of Austria, together with him.