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Young Directors Project
Keynote Address

by Karl Schlögel

The keynote address for the Young Directors Project will be delivered this year by the historian Karl Schlögel. In the same manner in which he reads great historical contexts from their locations, thereby making history come alive, he will examine the subject of theater for this speech, and "read time out of space”.


  • 31 July 2008, 19:00



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Every form of present time is riddled with memories – whether consciously or subconsciously, they make our actions possible and determine them, and they also influence our idea of the future. Memories are literally strange agglomerations of recurring thoughts, smells or images, in which life returns to us as a vivid experience that motivates us, demanding categorization, evaluation or renewed acknowledgment. The resurfacing of life as memories is the thread running through the four productions of this year's YDP program:
The New York-based company Nature Theater of Oklahoma embarks on a search for our memories of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet – the encounter with very different memories of the play becomes its own play. In his new play, commissioned by the Salzburg Festival, Marius von Mayenburg examines how memories are corrected and erased within a family, enabling the family members to live with a revised past. From Bergen in Norway, we have invited "musicalized theater”: in Die Maßnahme (The Measures Taken), four people are judged because they have shot one of their comrades; they justify themselves with the course of events as they remember them, and reenact what happened. Finally, the Japanese company chelfitsch tells of five historic days in March 2003; the spirit of these figures, who dream of the future and are nearly apathetic towards the present, is as fleeting as the memories of these days.

The YDP program is sponsored entirely by Montblanc International. In addition, Montblanc has donated the prize money of €10,000 and the exclusive Montblanc Max Reinhardt Pen for the best director.
Montblanc YDP Award Ceremony on 22 August, 11 a.m., republic