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Dichter zu Gast – Dimitré Dinev
Der Regen

Autorenlesung mit Musik – mit Dimitré Dinev und den Wladigeroff Brothers & Band
Reading with music – Dimitré Dinev and Wladigeroff Brothers & Band

Literary premiere
In German


  • 30 July 2008, 19:30

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Ever since Alexander and Konstantin Wladigeroff, stars of the international jazz scene together with their quintet, met Dimitré Dinev in Vienna in 1999, they have accompanied the novelist on his reading tours and have won their audiences' hearts with their explosive mixture of music of the Balkan and jazz.

Dimitré Dinev, born in 1968 in Bulgaria, attended the Bertolt Brecht High School in Plovdiv; his first publications in Bulgarian, Russian and German appeared from 1986 onwards. In 1990, Dinev took refuge in Austria and studied Philosophy and Russian Language in Vienna beginning in 1991. His first novel, Engelszungen (Angel Tongues, 2003) was acclaimed by critics and the public and received several awards. Early in 2005, his collection of stories was published under the title Ein Licht über dem Kopf (A Light Above the Head). His play Das Haus des Richters (The Judge's House) had its world premiere in 2007 at the Burgtheater.  He is married and lives as a freelance writer in Vienna.