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After Friedrich Schiller The Robbers

New production
In German
Coproduction with the Thalia Theater, Hamburg

Duration of the performance: 3,5 hours


  • 15 August 2008, 19:30


  • 16 August 2008, 19:30
  • 17 August 2008, 19:30
  • 19 August 2008, 19:30
  • 20 August 2008, 19:30
  • 21 August 2008, 19:30
  • 22 August 2008, 19:30
  • 23 August 2008, 19:30
  • 24 August 2008, 19:30

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Nicolas Stemann, Stage director
Stefan Mayer, Sets
Esther Bialas, Costumes
Claudia Lehmann, Video
Thomas Kürstner and Sebastian Vogel, Music
Benjamin von Blomberg, Dramaturgy


Katharina Matz, Christoph Bantzer, Peter Maertens, Maren Eggert, Felix Knopp, Philipp Hochmair, Daniel Hoevels, Alexander Simon,


Schiller's robbers attended secondary schools before they committed their crimes. As long as there was a bourgeois society, this violent band of robbers was supposedly its counterpoint, and the pathos of this terrible community seems threatening even today: wherever a thought becomes so radical – due to desperation, discrimination and loneliness – that one is willing to sacrifice even one's lover to obedience, we encounter Karl Moor's delusional absolutism. Like the title character in Schiller's last work, Don Carlos, Karl Moor is a person whose spirit and feelings were destroyed at an early age, a falling leaf swept away by the winds of his violent feelings, and only at the end of his life does he glimpse a mature way of being human, without having time to actually live that way. In this tragic situation, Schiller's debut play is also a very German parable on the absence of a father and how this vacuum is filled by a leader who demands "remorse and no mercy” and leads his followers into war.